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Rio Salon IPL

Rio Salon Pro IPL Hair Remover, by Rio Beauty, is clinically proven to remove hair safely and effectively at home for permanent hair removal. .

Placed against the skin, pulses of intense light are delivered directly to the hair follicle with enough energy to disable the root without affecting the surrounding area. IPL is fast, gentle and delivers permanent hair reduction.

Enjoy the benefits of salon-quality, long term hair removal at home with the Rio IPL Salon Pro.

The Salon Pro IPL uses IPL that delivers pulses of intense light that are then delivered directly to the hair follicle with enough energy to disable the root without affecting the surrounding area. IPL is fast, gentle and delivers permanent hair reduction.

Treatment times with the Rio IPL Salon Pro Epilator:

Treatment is very quick, for example it only takes a couple of minutes to treat the underarm area. Periodic treatments every four to six weeks are required to ensure that there is no hair regrowth. It is ideal for fast and efficient long term hair removal, for use on the legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, back, chest and certain areas of the face, leaving your skin beautifully smooth and without a hair in sight.

Features of the Rio Salon Pro IPL device:

  • +150,000 Flashes
  • Fastest ever treatment time
  • Can be used on large treatment areas
  • Permanently disables hair root
  • Long life replaceable bulb
  • Professional performance
  • Clinically proven

Suitable skin types for Salon Pro:

It is not suitable for dark skin tones, for example, those of Afro-Caribbean, black African, Indian or Pakistani descent. Even if your skin tone appears to be suitable on the skin tone chart, do not use if close relations (parents/grandparents) have skin tones as described above. Not suitable for red, light blonde, grey or white hair.

Not for use on or by children under 14 years old. Not for use on or by children between 14 and 17 years old without parental supervision.

How to use Salon Pro:

Permanent hair reduction in 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1. Select you skin type.
  • Step 2. Shave the area to be treated. This ensures the light energy goes directly to the hair root.
  • Step 3. Place the unit over the area you wish to treat and press the treatment button to initiate the treatment flash. Repeat across entire treatment area.

Please refer to product guide for full usage instructions.

Safety features of the Rio IPL Salon Pro:

The main safety feature regulates the power level, so that it can only be increased by 1 step per treatment, starting from power level 1. This reduces the risk of using too high a power level. Power can be decreased in as many steps as required.

Other safety features include:

  • A keylock
  • A security code to prevent misuse
  • Skin sensors to ensure IPL treatment only occurs when good contact is made with the skin
  • A UV filter in the IPL aperture to avoid the risk of damaging UV light
  • Over temperature detection.

Preparation to use Rio Salon Pro IPL:

Ensure your skin is clean. IPL hair removal is most effective on pale skin. Sunbathing, use of sun beds and fake tanning should NOT be undertaken prior to treatment.

Hair preparation prior to using Rio IPL Salon Pro:

Shave the area to be treated. Minimising the length of the hair enables the light energy to go directly to the hair root and avoids hair burning on the surface of the skin.

Areas that can be treated with Rio Salon Pro IPL:

Most body hair can be removed using IPL - the most common areas are underarms, legs, chest, back and bikini line. Certain areas of the face (within the area illustrated by the white dotted line below) can be treated, but it should not be used around the eyes or the lips.



Rio IPL Salon Pro

The feeling using the Salon Pro Epilator:

Most people experience a warming of the skin. Slight irritation similar to that of a minor sunburn may be felt if used on too high a power level, or if the area has not been shaved. Men undergoing the procedure experience greater discomfort as male body hair is generally thicker than women's, however the sensation quickly disappears.

Use of Salon Pro on sensitive skin:

It can be used on sensitive skin for the IPL reacts only with the hair, so the surrounding skin should not be affected.

Appearance of skin after treatment:

Usually there will be no perceptible change. A slight redness after treatment may occur, but will normally fade over 24 hours. There may be some localised redness around the hair follicle - this is quite normal. However, if any redness or inflammation remains after 24 hours this would indicate you have selected too high a power level for your skin type.

After using Salon Pro IPL:

Sun exposure or deep tanning should be avoided for at least 48 hours.

Frequency of use of Rio Salon IPL Pro:

The timing for follow on treatments is not critical. We initially recommend treatments at 2 week intervals, although some people like to treat the area every week and others just once a month depending on personal preference and on where the treatment area is. As long as the hair follicle or surrounding skin is not red, sore or inflamed, treatment can be repeated after a minimum of 48 hours. Choose a time which is convenient for you. Avoid excessive treatment on the same region at one time. This may cause reddening and swelling. To maintain hair free skin and to ensure disabled hair follicles remain dormant, repeat the treatment every 4 to 6 weeks or as required.

Aftercare routine after treatment:

If you wish, you can apply an unperfumed soothing lotion, an ice pack or wet towel to cool the treated areas, though we recommend not using soap on the treated areas for 24 hours. Take care to keep the treated area particularly clean for 3 days. When treating the underarms, avoid using antiperspirant deodorant for 2–3 days. Avoid unnecessary sun exposure for 48 hours.

Number of treatments required:

Long term hair removal with IPL is generally considered to be effective after a minimum of six treatments over a period of 6 months. This varies from person to person and depends on the area you are treating, hair density, your hair's growth cycle and colour. Dark hair on fair skin responds to IPL best, but both dark and fair hair may take several treatments for long-term results. Initially with each treatment you will notice a gradual thinning/reduction of hair growth in the treated area. To maintain hair free skin and to ensure disabled hair follicles remain dormant, repeat the treatment every 4 to 6 weeks or as required.

Which hair removal methods can be used between treatments:

Because IPL treatment needs a hair to be present in the follicle, hair removal methods which pluck the hair, such as waxing, epilators and tweezing are NOT suitable for use between treatments. Bleaching hairs is also NOT suitable as it removes the pigment and renders IPL treatment ineffective. Shaving, micro-dermabrasion discs and cream depilatories are ideal for use between treatments.

Difference between IPL and Laser:

There are two big differences between Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light. Generally IPL covers a much larger area than the relatively small treatment spot with lasers and therefore treatments of larger areas are much quicker. The other difference is the wavelength of light produced. Lasers produce light with a specific wavelength whilst IPL uses a broad spectrum of wavelengths. This limits IPL to specific skin types.

Size of treatment area of the Salon Pro IPL:

35mm x 14mm

Importance of shaving before treament with Rio Salon Pro:

It is important that any area being treated is shaved so all the light energy is directed straight to the hair root for maximum effect. This also prevents burning of the hair above the skin surface which can be uncomfortable.

Side effects:

As with all hair removers which use light energy, there may be slight reddening of the skin after use or lightening of the skin in patches. They should both disappear within 24 hours.

Replacement lamp/cartridge:

A Replacement treatment cartridge with high performance quartz bulb for + 150,000 treatment flashes can be purchased here.

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