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Home Laser Epilator

Home Laser targets individual hairs sending a laser beam to the hairfollicle with enough energy to disable the root without affecting the surrounding area. The treatment takes just 4 seconds and results in permanent hair reduction.

You can now enjoy the benefits of permanent hair reduction using laser hair removal at home, without paying for expensive salon treatments. Laser hair removal is suitable for most areas including facial hair, underarms, arms, legs and bikini line.

Innovative 'Target and Treat' Technology pinpoints individual hairs, sending a laser beam to the hair follicle with enough energy to disable the root, without it affecting the surrounding area. The treatment takes just 4 seconds and results in permanent hair reduction. Unlike home use IPL (Intense Pulse Light) the results of home laser treatments are permanent.

Features of Rio Home Laser:

  • Two treatment modes
  • Targets individual hairs
  • Permanently disables the hair root
  • Security key

Laser Hair Removal Explained with use of Home Laser:

Lasers deliver an intense beam of light which are made up of a single wavelength or colour. Skin is essentially transparent to light with a wavelength of 808 (nano meters), while melanin containing structures will absorb laser energy of this wavelength. It is therefore possible to target the hair follicle that has a concentration of melanin without affecting the surrounding area.

The light energy absorbed by the melanin pigment results in the rapid heating up of the hair follicle. This heat destroys the cells (papilla) responsible for hair growth. If adequate heating is achieved, then the follicle is permanently disabled resulting in a permanent reduction in hair growth. Note: This is different from home IPL (Intense Pulse Light) which requires continued treatments every two weeks to prevent hair regrowth.

Suitable Skin Types for Home Laser:

Melanin in the epidermis also absorbs the energy and limits the depth of penetration of the laser light into the skin. Using a light wavelength of 808nm enables treatment of relatively dark skin as well as fair-skinned types. However, laser hair treatment is not suitable for Afro Caribbean or black skin complexions. Laser treatment is also ineffective in removal of white or grey hair. Electrolysis should be considered as an alternative treatment.

How to Use Home Laser:

Before you start: Read and understand the Information Guide provided with Home Laser and watch the step-by-step DVD for great tips and techniques.

Remove all jewellery in the vicinity of the treatment area.

You may find it helpful to use a mirror for treating hard to see areas, such as the face and underarms. A mirror with 5–10 times magnification is ideal for this.

The hair needs to be visible enough for the laser to be aimed at the base of the hair. Long hairs may be trimmed before treatment if necessary.

Patch Test: 24 hours before treatment with Home Laser, it is very important to do a patch test. The patch test will confirm the maximum power level for your skin type. Each area to be treated must be checked as skin colour can vary.

Step 2: Correctly enter the Security Button Sequence of the Home Laser, then by using the +/- buttons to select the correct power level for your skin type followed by the Enable button.

Step 3: Place the wand of the Home Laser over the hair you wish to treat. Ensure both skin sensors are in contact with the skin (you may need to apply gentle pressure). The white ‘ready' light will illuminate.

Step 4: HALF press the treatment button on the wand. A red guide light will appear. You can move the wand while maintaining contact with the skin to target where the hair meets the skin. Ensure both skin sensors do remain in contact with the skin.

Step 5: FULLY press the button on the wand for treatment. The white light will go out and the red laser will be visible. You will hear a series of beeps.
Note: Do NOT move the wand during treatment

Step 6: When treatment with Home Laser ceases, the orange light will come back on. Both skin sensors must be removed briefly from the skin before treating the next hair



Rio Home Laser

Note: Treated hairs don't always fall out immediately as they are shed over time as they are released from the hair follicle so be patient. Laser hair removal is generally considered to be effective after 6 treatments over a 6-month period. IPL (Intense Pulse Light) home approved products generally require ongoing treatments every two weeks to prevent hair regrowth.

Treatment Areas of Home Laser:

Suitable for facial hair, underarms, bikini line and other problem hairs. Not suitable for use on removing large areas of hair.

Skin preparation for Home Laser:

Laser hair removal does not require any special skin preparations, although you should always ensure your skin is clean. Laser hair removal is most effective on pale skin so we recommend avoiding sunbathing, sun beds and fake tanning if possible.

Hair preparation for Home Laser:

Shave the area to be treated. This ensures that the laser goes directly to the hair root and avoids hair burning on the surface.

Skin appearance after session wih Home Laser:

Generally no perceptible changes will be apparent after using Home Laser. A slight redness after treatment may occur but will normally fade over 24 hours. Any localized redness after treatment is caused by the destruction of the hair follicles and is quite normal. However, if any redness remains after 24 hours this would indicate you have selected too high a power level for your skin type. Please refer to the "Patch Test" section in your Home Laser manual. Also note, any longer lasting redness will also disappear.

What to avoid after using Home Laser:

Sun exposure or deep tanning should be avoided for at least a week. If the skin is exposed use a sunscreen. Also avoid using abrasive cleansers or skin peeling treatments. Avoid swimming in chlorinated water or using a hot tub for 48 hours. The chlorine in the water can result in itchiness.

Home Laser After-care:

If you wish, you can apply an unperfumed soothing lotion, an ice pack or wet towel to cool the treated area. Take care to keep the treated area particularly clean for 3 days. Ideally, use an anti-bacterial soap twice daily. When treating the underarms, avoid using antiperspirant deodorant for 2–3 days.

Treatment sessions:

As long as the hair follicle or surrounding skin is not red, sore or inflamed, treatment can be repeated after 24 hours. Most people wait 3–4 weeks between treatments to see which hairs have been shed and to identify new regrowth. The timing for follow on treatments is not critical. Choose a time which is convenient for you. Avoid excessive treatment on the same region at one time. This may cause reddening and swelling.

Number of treatment sessions requiered with Home Laser:

Laser hair reduction is generally considered to be effective and permanent after 6 treatments over a 6 month period. This varies from person to person and depends on the area you are treating, hair density, your hair's growth cycle and colour. Dark hair on fair skin responds to laser therapy best, but both dark and fair hair may take several treatments for long-term results. Some individuals may require more, and some fewer treatments, to achieve satisfaction. Initially with each treatment you will notice a gradual thinning/reduction of hair growth in the treated area. Women who suffer excessive hair growth due to male type hormones are likely to require long term maintenance.

Areas of body that can be treated with Rio Home Laser:

Most body hair can be removed using laser hair removal - the most common areas are the face, underarms, legs, chest, back and bikini line.

Effect of Home Laser on sensitive hair:

Rio Home Laser can be used on sensitive skin for the laser reacts with the hair, so the surrounding skin will not be affected.

Feeling using Home Laser:

Most people don't feel anything, although one or more mild 'pin prick' sensations may be felt.

Which hair removal methods can be used between Home Laser sessions:

Because the Home Laser needs a hair to be present in the follicle, hair removal methods which pluck the hair such as waxing, epilators and tweezing are NOT suitable for use between treatments. Bleaching hairs is also NOT suitable as it removes the pigment and renders the laser ineffective. Shaving, micro-dermabrasion discs and cream depilatories are ideal for use between laser hair removal treatments.

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